How Oneplus Influencers Never Settled!

Influencer marketing is a key marketing strategy for most smartphone brands in India.

The focus target group for these brands is individuals between the age group of 15 to 45 years who are largely active online, inclusive of college students, professionals, and homemakers.

Therefore, the brand can communicate digitally with young netizens through influencer marketing.

One Plus marketers believe in lean start-up methodology, which helps their campaigns in quickly adapting to the market, thus saving them cost on marketing and advertising.

With a young consumer base comprising of metropolitan men and women ranging from age 15 to 45, it made sense for One Plus to focus more on online marketing techniques.

They made full use of the hashtag sensation by introducing their own hashtag campaign called #NeverSettle, also proving that you don’t necessarily need big bucks to make an impact.

While all these campaigns were successful for One Plus, it is the use of Influencer marketing that took One Plus to a whole new level even when marketers were getting introduced to the world of influencers.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs are the main playing fields for employing influencer marketing.

While Twitter is used to create a buzz for the product conversations,

Facebook, YouTube and blogs feature unboxing videos as well as smartphone reviews. On the other hand, Instagram is often used to highlight camera features.

The most used features in smartphones are social media applications, thus marketing them through content creators themselves gives a brand maximum reach.

One Plus used a mix of macro and micro-influencers to introduce a product, create rich unboxing & review content, drive purchases via discounted sales and create extended advocacy content.

If there was a single reason why Oneplus could successfully break a duopoly between Samsung and apple to enter India, it would point to the success of such new marketing techniques.

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